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    Mike Lawrence (pen name)

  • Mike Lawrence

    Life coach

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    About Tham NL aka Mike Lawrence

    Born and raised in Singapore, the world renowned Garden City, I consumed books about self improvements, NLP, Reiki and Quantum healing, The Secrets, etc. In my library, there are hundreds of books and CDs about these topics.


    I kept searching for enlightenment by attending seminars after seminars until now.


    I finally found the key to my success!


    It is Gratitude and be grateful for everything good and bad that happens to you on daily basis. All religions teach that to their followers.


    Show gratitude in everything you do and thanks others who had helped you.

    I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with you that will accelerate your growth in wealth, health and relationship.


    Be rich AND happy!


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    Be an eBook Author to make passive income

    You can create many cash cows by writing various eBooks for sales. Just imagine if one eBook can give you S$1000, 5 eBooks will give you S$5000 per month! Visit my bookstore at http://larryebooks.com.


    Write once and get paid forever! You don't need to be very talented to write eBooks. And best is that you can use it to complement your business. Want to know how? Get a free 1-2-1 consultation from me. Click here to limkopi with me at my club.


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    Planning to get into MLM? Please read....

    If you are planning to get into MLM because your friend invites you, please think hard. Don't join just because your friend asked you. A lot of craps are going around in MLM. Many new MLM flopped within 3 years. Every joker touts that his MLM is the best and can make you very rich.


    I used to be MLM junkie...that is I join many MLMs. You named it, most likely I'd been in it, What I can tell you is that MLM is a beautiful business concept as many hands will make it easier for you to achieve success. The problem is the one who will screwed up is the people. They will be the one who will "screw you. Join the wrong team, you'll be screwed high and dry.


    Visit my website MLM Mover at https://mlmmover.mystrikingly.com to learn from my mistakes. Better still arrange a meeting with me by visiting https://limkopi.mystrikingly.com . Dont't make the costly mistakes like me.






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    Get paid as a nominee director

    Be nominee director (aka Singaporre based director) of foreign owned companies who set up companies in Singapore. Under ACRA, they need to have one nominee director. Can be lucrative as director fees is paid to you yearly.


    Please note the following:

    1. You must not be an undischarged bankrupt;

    2. Be sound of mind. Patients of IMH are not eligibel unless your doctor certified you to be fit to act as director.

    3. Nominee director is not executive director and has no power over the operation of the company.


    Danger zones:

    1. The company owner is bad people who don't pay up for tax, acra filing, etc. This means rhe government will go after you for these statutory issues. I was caught once when I was employed as an executive director in an IT company owned by a public listed company in India. I have to spend time, effort and my money to settle issues.

    Remember to ensure that the company is not owned by another company (e.g. publc listed company) as getting out as director can be very problematic. If no corporate shareholder, as director, you can file for the company to strike off if the company has become dormant.


    2. Be careful of money laundering. The CPA who register the company with ACRA needs to do KYC before excepting the job. So you must ensure that the CPA who recruits you to be nominee director must be honest and with full intergrity.


    As I was 15 years in CPA firms, I know many CPAs who are good and honest. Can introduce you to them. If you want, just visit https://limkopi.mystrikingly,com and state in remarks column " I want to be director."




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    Affiliation business has been around for many years. You can sell physical and digital products. My favorite is to promote digital products as there is no need to carry stock and do delivery.


    Some of the best affilition programs available are:

    1. Clickbank

    2. Amazon


    Things to do:

    1. Open accounts with Clickbank as an affiliate

    2. Open accounts with Paypal so that you can accept payment and pay others.

    3. Some vendors use their own affiliation programs.

    Affliaton programs normally come with their own marketing tools like email and banners, etc.

    Some of my friends made few hundeds thousands per year just on Clickbank affiliaton.

    I'd be writing an ebook on Affiliation Marketing. If interested, please leave me your name and contact me at https://limkopi.mystrikingly.com.

  • Selected Moo!! Adventures

    Let’s go on an adventure to get your Cash Cows

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    财富流 Wealth Flow Game

    This is a truly remarkable game invented by 九哥 (Giu Ke aka Nine brother) in China. Only available in Chinese. English version hopefully will be out soon. It has taken China, Taiwan and Hong Kong by storm. It educates you in wealth, health and relationship. It is better to make mistakes when playing this board game than in real life!

    This is like learning martial arts. If one only practise the external ki (kata and movement) without practising internal qi, 20 years practise also no use. The stamina and energy draws from you internally. Change internally in your thoughts, you’d change externally. The Law of Attraction sets in.


    This game will give you very high energy level. And the best is not just playing the game but attending the training. Wow, it really change my mindset.


    Want to experience playing 财富流? Click here to get yourself invited.

  • Steps to identify cash cows

    Negative & Positive Cash Cows


    Cost vs Benefits

    Joining fees, ARO, penalty, contract terms, quota, promotion

    The Company

    Local or foreign?

    Who owns the company? How long has it been established? Annual turnover? Staff strength?

    Products & Services

    Are they in the up trend?

    What problems can the products and/or services solved?



    Can technologies replace the products and services?

    Market segments

    Who will benefit from the product /service?

    How big are the segments? Can it be expanded to overseas? Any government support and grant?

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